Life Distortions
Life Distortions is officially out and I couldn’t be more proud of this album. Thank you to everyone that was part of this adventure; I truly had a blast writing all these songs as well as connecting with amazing human beings. This album is all about love and acceptance and not letting the distortions of life distract you from who you are and what you want in your life. Be strong and believe in yourself and always follow your dreams.

Still Holding On —

Back To The Moon (Acoustic) —

Lost (Acoustic) —

Gravity (Acoustic) —

21 Days (Acoustic) —

Keeping Me Alive (Acoustic) —


Following the same commitment to raw authenticity that fueled 2021’s My Lullaby, Montreal-born artist Jonathan Roy has further honed his singular alt-pop sound in Life Distortions, the fullest expression yet of his evolution as both a person and artist. While still featuring the strong hooks and melodies that made his music so popular in the early years of his career, the sonic terrain of this album is truer to Jonathan than anything else he’s done to date.

Jonathan tapped Juno award-winning musician/producer Brian Howes (Hinder, Skillet, Nickelback) to help produce the EP, along with Marc Beland, the drummer/percussionist in Jonathan’s band and one of his go-to creative partners for years now. Other producers on the Life Distortions include Tee (Drake, Alessia Cara), Stevie Aiello (Thirty Seconds To Mars, Of Mice & Men), Drew Polovick (Oston, Friday Pilots Club), and Heavy (lovelytheband, Dirty Heads). Surrounding himself with collaborators he trusts, Jonathan is following his own vision and eager for fans to experience what’s ahead.

“I think people will connect with what’s real,” says Jonathan. “People have bullshit detectors. I’m playing what I like in the songs. I’m trying to grab all the things I like from bands and people that I admire and I’m trying to put it in my soup, in my writing and melodies. I feel like I’m an old-school cat creating this weird pop alternative music and I love it.”

The latest album, Life Distortions, is now available as a Deluxe Version with the new single “Taking On The Rest Of The World.”

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